Pikachu and Ash

Tsc, tsc...

Christmas Sketch!

Another random sketch

Jellyfish Mermaid

Post number 500

I can't stop listening to this song

Sketching, I was missing it!

Quick brush experiment

Just sketching!

Another silly quick sketch

Funshine Bear

New friend

Old Japanese Hero

I'm hoarse!

My new haircut!

Another Space Woman



Blog Title 2011 - Test 01

Wolverine - the first appearance

Keep playing!

Purple sketch

Quick sketch, busy night

It really happened!

Testing a digital oil brush

A silly sketch

Old Friend

Black Lion

Captain Planet

Quick Monday sketch - 01

Just keep drawing, just keep drawing, drawing, drawing!

Busy week, quick sketch!

Sketching before going to sleep

Quick sketch after a busy day!

Cold weather again!

Confetti in your face!!



Artax in the Swamp of Sadness

Pixart contribution!

Gazuka!! The giant!

Another Catwoman

Wonder Woman Sketches

Is it going to rain today?

I'm back!

Girl dressed like a Peacock

Poor Bird


The King is Speaking!